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SAE Fittings | North American

SAE Adapter Fittings, another premium fitting that is carefully engineered based on the British Hexagonal fittings with the perfect integration of SAE-J514, SAE-J515, SAE-J516, SAE-J517, and SAE-J518 (flange) standards commonly used in the North American market. These premium fittings are designed to endure high temperatures and pressures, resulting in greater performance. With a tight seal that's resistant to leaks and vibrations. Our SAE adapter fittings are perfect for any hydraulic application that demands precision and efficiency. In addition, a new innovation in the JIC37 seal with an O-ring seal is added to the original face-to-face seal, adding an additional layer of sealing and providing a guarantee of zero leakage.

Below are the list of products under SAE Adapter Fittings:

Tube Adapters

Our Tube Fittings and Adapters are specifically designed to adopt the American standard of JIC37 in ISO 8434-2, commonly known as a 74-degree or 37-degree flare fitting. This standard has been widely used in hydraulic stations and various hydraulic systems on machine tools in Mainland China and Taiwan. We offer free logo printing and customized packaging box services to meet your specific needs.

Hydraulic Flanges

These components for hydraulic flanges and accessories are designed and manufactured according to the technical standards of SAE J518 and the international standard BSISO6162. Our production equipment and measuring tools and equipment come from top-quality brands. With the increasing trend toward non-welded hard tube flanges, more and more companies are adopting this type of assembly connection technology. At our company, we have established a complete inventory of hydraulic flanges and accessories, making us the ideal choice for your needs.

Flareless Bite Type Fittings

We offer SAE J514 standard flareless bite-type fittings as well as captive flange fittings that were originally invented by Germany's Ermeto, which was later acquired by the US Parker company. These fittings have become standards due to their metric threads and measurements. Captive flange fittings do not require rubber sealing and can be easily installed using only one wrench. They have a unique feature that makes them widely used in various applications.

Metric Bite Type Fittings

Metric bite-type fittings were originally invented by Ermeto in Germany and have since become widely used in Europe and Asia. They were first standardized under DIN 2353 and are now classified under ISO 8434. We have a comprehensive range of standard components in this series in stock and are open to your purchasing inquiries.

International Fittings

International Fittings is the renowned "Yonghua" series of fittings, which were later acquired by Eaton. This series of fittings have become a preferred choice for many of our partner companies in China, who rely on it for their hydraulic system needs.
In addition to the "Yonghua" series, we also offer the captive flange seal series, which is also popular among our partners in China. This series of fittings are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance in hydraulic systems, ensuring that our partners are able to achieve optimal results and productivity.
We are pleased to see that our fittings have gained popularity beyond China, with many countries in Southeast Asia and South America also adopting the "Yonghua" series of components. This demonstrates the high caliber and durability of our goods, and we are dedicated to continuing to offer our customers all around the world the greatest hydraulic fittings.
You can be sure that International Fittings will provide the performance and durability necessary to keep your hydraulic systems functioning effectively.

NWD Technology Fittings

NWD Technology Fittings are a high-quality product that is not commonly produced by factories in China. We pride ourselves on strictly adhering to the American standard JIC 37 in ISO 8434-2, which is a widely recognized industry standard for hydraulic fittings.
We have increased the sealing performance of our fittings by incorporating an O-ring into the design, which provides a more effective seal against leaks and spills. We have also enhanced the shock resistance of our fittings, making them more durable and reliable in extreme conditions.
Our commitment to quality and performance is evident in the outstanding sealing performance and perfect shock resistance of our NWD Technology Fittings. With Sannke, you can be confident that you are getting the very best in hydraulic fittings and that your machinery and equipment will operate at maximum efficiency and reliability.