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Hydraulic Sealing Plugs Type E

The Hydraulic Sealing Plugs Type E (ED-sealed plug) and VSTI Plug are highly sought-after products produced by Sannke. The manufacturing process involves multiple steps, starting from the multi-station cold forging of raw materials to automated lathe machining, followed by assembly with ED-sealed elastic gaskets and comprehensive inspection and testing of all components. The advanced automated production methods used by the Sannke factory ensure consistency and precision in the manufacturing process, resulting in high-quality hydraulic sealing plugs that meet the needs of various industries.

Furthermore, Sannke aims to increase its production capacity and efficiency in the coming years, and the annual production of single plugs is expected to reach 50 million pieces by 2025. This projection highlights the company’s commitment to meeting the increasing demand for hydraulic sealing plugs and improving the overall productivity of its operations. With its advanced production capabilities and commitment to quality, Sannke’s Hydraulic Sealing Plugs Type E, ED-sealed Plugs, and VSTI Plug have become a top choice for many industries.