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ORFS Caps and Plugs

The 4F series (also known as MFS Plug or FS2408 series) at Sannke Factory is a product designed and produced with the aim to optimize its functionality and quality based on the international standard ISO 8434-3 and the US standard SAE J1453. The production process of the 4F series has been automated, from raw material multi-station cold forging to automated lathe machining, assembly with ED-sealed elastic gaskets, and inspection and testing of plug components. This has resulted in a more efficient production process and improved quality control measures.

ORFS Caps and Plugs are a direct replacement for the FS2408 series and have gained wide popularity and usage in China due to their enhanced sealing performance and durability. Sannke’s factory is open to working with global partners for the distribution or OEM cooperation for logo printing on ORFS caps and plugs. With a commitment to quality and excellence, the Sannke factory is dedicated to producing high-quality hydraulic fittings that meet global standards and exceed customer expectations.