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JIC Hydraulic Caps and Plugs

JIC hydraulic caps and plugs are commonly referred to as the “4J series” in China and the 2408 series or MJ plug in the United States. Hydraulic hose caps and plugs are extras that guard the open ends of hydraulic hoses against harm when they’re not in use, such as during storage or transport. As they attach to hydraulic hose fittings, a tight seal is created to keep out dust and debris and guard against thread damage. These caps and plugs are designed based on the JIC-37 standard in the United States and are widely used in various hydraulic systems.

Sannke’s factory has optimized the design and production process of the 4J series, also known as MJ plugs, with automation. The factory has implemented automated production lines that are capable of producing high-quality caps and plugs at an unparalleled cost.

In addition, the factory welcomes visitors to its production site located in Ningbo, China, to witness its Chinese-style automated production line in action. The factory prides itself on providing its customers with the highest quality hydraulic fittings, including the 4J series, and offers various OEM cooperation opportunities to global partners.