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Sannke’s History of Development

Sannke Precision Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2010, when founder Justin Ke took over his parents' manual lathe in his home workshop and purchased 2 CNC lathes to start producing hydraulic fittings. Fast forward to 2022, and the company's core concept of "Let us do better, we keep moving forward" continues to drive its growth and success.

  • 2021
    ● In 2021, Sannke purchased and put into operation the Zhoushan branch plant, covering an area of 8,500 square meters, and achieved a turnover of 7 million US dollars. In 2020, the company relocated to a new 5,000 square meters factory building in Ningbo and officially cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Würth and Hawe.
  • 2019
    ● In 2019, Sannke invested in 3 sets of blank cold heading machines to realize the full-process industrial chain of hydraulic parts from blank to machined finished product. The factory's organization chart underwent significant adjustments, with specialized PMC master control plan managers and an R&D department established.
  • 2018
    ● Sannke's dedication to quality was recognized in 2018 when it passed the TUV ISO9001 certification and participated in the Hannover Messe in Germany, firmly establishing its presence in the European market. In 2017, the company's CNC lathes reached 100 units, further increasing its production capacity.
  • 2016
    ● Sannke's expansion into international markets gained traction in 2016, with its plug products successfully entering the Korean and German markets and its one-piece connector successfully entering the US market. The following year, Sannke's automatic production of plug series increased market competitiveness.
  • 2014
    ● In 2014, Sannke officially participated in the Shanghai PTC and Bauma Exhibition, and while the company politely rejected the intention of European customers to acquire shares, it successfully launched its business in the US market. The number of CNC lathes increased to 40.
  • 2013
    ● Sannke's success continued in 2013 when it moved out of the home workshop and rented a standard small workshop. The ED plug came out, opening a new direction for the brand sales of Sannke plug products in the next ten years. The company's CNC lathes increased to 20.
  • 2012
    ● In 2012, the founders, Justin Ke and Nancy Shen, became husband and wife, and Nancy Shen joined the factory management and personally started the business of overseas marketing. The previous year, Sannke had started production of ISO8434 DIN2353 hydraulic tube fittings for Chinese hydraulic equipment distributors.
  • 2010
    ● During 2010, Justin Ke, the founder of Sannke, assumed control of his family's workshop and inherited their manual lathe. To initiate the production of hydraulic fittings, he also acquired two CNC lathes.
  • Sannke's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind its growth and success over the past decade, and the company is poised to become a well-known brand manufacturer in the fields of hydraulics, fasteners, and auto parts in the years to come.