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O-Ring Boss Plugs

The O-Ring Boss Plug offered by Sannke Factory is a replacement for the plug of the 6408-H-O series (MORB Hollow Hex Plug) in the US market, providing a more efficient and cost-effective option. The design and production of this series have been optimized based on international standards such as ISO 8434-3 and the US standard SAE J1453, and the factory uses CCD vision inspection equipment to ensure quality control.

The production of the O-Ring Boss Plug is carried out by machines developed and improved by the Sannke factory itself, which allows for unparalleled cost and quality. As a testament to their confidence in their product, Sannke offers free samples of the O-Ring Boss Plug to interested parties.

With its reliable quality and efficient production process, the O-Ring Boss Plug has the potential to become a popular replacement option for the 6408-H-O series plug in the US market.