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Magnetic Plugs

Our magnetic plugs are engineered to the highest standards, including DIN 908, DIN 910, DIN 906, DIN 5586, DIN 7604, JIS D 2101, ISO 1179, and ISO 9974, to provide additional functionality and convenience. match your specific needs.

We also offer various OEM alternatives, including neodymium, iron boron, ferrite, and nickel-cobalt alloy, which enables us to create a magnetic solution that is ideal for your application.

Some examples of our products that can be fitted with magnets include VSTI+MAG, DIN908+MAG, DIN910+MAG, and NA+MAG. These products are engineered for easy application with the highest durability and reliability, providing a magnetic solution that will stand up to the demands of your application.

With our competence in customizing and dedication to client satisfaction, we are confident that we can deliver the best solution for your requirements.